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The meteorite monument

How come I’ve never heard of the Wold Newton monument? It commemorates a meteorite fall in 1795 in a farmer’s field. Lots of fascinating stuff about it on Wikipedia. Here is the link to picture of it on Flickr, with … Continue reading

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Lots of weird pix on my new Tumblr account

I’ve started an Uncanny Pix blog on Tumblr just for a bit of fun. Because I’m bad at updating things every day (as you’ll have noticed!), I feel I have no excuse not to with a picture blog so I … Continue reading

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Haunted Bodmin Moor

Bodmin Moor is one of the most atmospheric and magical areas of Cornwall – which let’s face it is saying something. A newly published book by the History Press has brought Bodmin’s haunted heritage bang up to date and it is written … Continue reading

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The Vision of Ezekiel

I love this image, one of the creepiest of the very many creepy images engraved by the glorious Gustav Dore. This is from his Bible pictures published in the 1880s.

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Ancient and modern ghosts in Haunted Peterborough

In his introduction to Haunted Peterborough, Stuart Orme makes the valid point that most people’s conception of the city is that it’s a rather brash and modern place, despite its great antiquity. It’s true. I felt the same in my … Continue reading

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Faith in scientific explanation for ghosts still unfounded

I’ve just been going back through ‘True Irish Ghost Stories’ by Seymour and Neligan. In it the authors note: “Some day, no doubt, psychologists and scientists will be able to give us a complete and satisfactory explanation of these abnormal … Continue reading

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