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>The Master Otter in Scotland

>Enthusiastic Irish cryptozoologist Gary Cunningham wrote an article for me on the so-called Master Otter and other cryptids from the Emerald Isle when I was editing Paranormal Magazine. This strange, savage lutrid is one of Ireland’s best known mystery beasts, … Continue reading

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>’Tin Foil Man’ in English country lane

>Neil Arnold gets first-hand testimony of a very strange entity -a robot, an extraterrestrial or what? Read his account here:

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>Couple claim to have snapped ‘Bownessie’ on Lake Windermere

> The Daily Mail on Friday (Feb 18) printed an image of a wobnbly black thing on a misty lake – allegedly none other than ‘Bownessie’, the supposed monster of Windermere in the English Lakes. The photo was taken on … Continue reading

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>Ghostly nun that climbs into your bed

>Occultist Duncan Barford reveals an extraordinary experience with a physical, one might say intimate, ghostly presence in a podcast, with Martin Poole, on The Information site. With any luck, I can persuade Duncan to write up his encounter for Uncanny … Continue reading

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>The Derbyshire fairy hoax

> Looking back to a hoax from Derbyshire: the ‘discovery’ by artist Dan Baines of what was purported to be a mummified fairy, or, to be precise, ‘butterfly man’, in 2007. Read more at

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>Misty figure that walks through walls

>A fascinating account of a haunted Government office building in Lincoln is the latest article to be posted under Ghosts on Uncanny UK. It has been contributed by Daniel Codd, author of Mysterious Lincolnshire, who interviewed the witness back in … Continue reading

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>February’s pagan festivals

>Witchcraft expert Dr Leo Ruickbie has posted an interesting article on all the fun goings-on that used to happen during February. It might be a cold month but Lupercalia and Fornacalia sure warmed it up. Read Leo#s article here:

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>Theme park forced to relocate ride – by ghosts

>According to the Daily Mail, Thorpe Park in Chertsey, Surrey, has abandoned plans to build a water slide because spooky activity has been frightening the workers. Sudden chills, objects being moved about and the apparition of a ‘headless monk’ have … Continue reading

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>England’s strangest forest is under threat

>In recent years more has been written about strange goings-on at Cannock Chase, an area of woodland in Staffordshire, than anywhere else. Werewolves, big cats, Bigfoot-type things and UFOs have been particularly prevalent among the conifers. Nick Redfern, who was … Continue reading

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>Previously unreported ghost from Wiltshire

>Wiltshire has had more than its fair share of posts on Uncanny UK but I’m delighted to post another one, especially since it has been forwarded by a visitor to the site. Not only that but it is previously unreported. A … Continue reading

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