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Spring-heeled Jack in Ewell, Surrey?

The local Guardian newspaper is asking: ‘Is it the return of Spring-Heeled Jack?’ They do admit way down the story, though, that SHJ never actually bothered Ewell before. It’s quite interesting, actually, that not only had the newspaper reporters heard … Continue reading

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Noel Coward’s ghost haunts Julian Clary’s house

Comedian Julian Clary claims his house is haunted. It’s haunted, he says, by none other than the spirit of playwright and fellow gay icon Noel Coward. Clary’s beautiful 16th century Kent mansion is, in fact, the former home of ‘The … Continue reading

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Is this the photo of the ghost of a Galway nun?

One of a series of photos taken by a local photographer of The Long Walk at Galway, Ireland, has a mysterious figure on it. It appears to be dressed in a brown habit and is staring straight at the camera. … Continue reading

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Ghosts galore in February’s Phenomena Magazine

The latest free to download Phenomena Magazine – clearly the best value paranormal mag around! – has impressive Black Dog artwork on the cover. There are in fact not one but two Black Dog stories in February’s issue. The first … Continue reading

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Paranormal Lancashire by Daniel Codd

Daniel Codd is an old friend of Uncanny UK who is already well-known for his books on the mysteries of his native East Anglia published by Breedon. Now he takes a side-step into Amberley’s ongoing series of ‘paranormal’ county guides … Continue reading

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‘I’m The Thing… from another planet, baby.’

I’ve only just been shown this. A hilarious Sinatra-esque musical number celebrating John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ by Jon and Al Kaplan. It’s great – but don’t watch it if a) Gruesome special effects upset you and/or b) You’ve never seen … Continue reading

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Uncanny pic: A three-headed troll

Having recently enjoyed the film ‘TrollHunter’, written and directed by Andre Ovredal, I thought I’d offer up this amusing troll. He was drawn by Theodor Kittelsen and is taken from a 1950s book of Norwegian Folk Tales . I think … Continue reading

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