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Discovering the joys of Kindle

Because I’m about to start publishing on Kindle – more about this  soon – I had to buy one. I’ve been a bit reluctant re e-books because I love ‘proper’ books so much. The walls of my house bend inwards … Continue reading

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Haunted Magazine is ghoulishly good!

Paul Stevenson’s ‘Haunted Magazine’ has been relaunched in digital format. Describing itself as ‘The Original Horror/Paranormal Pick ‘n’ Mix Magazine’, Haunted is a winning blend of articles on ghosts and other supernatural phenomena, along with features on horror movies, literature … Continue reading

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Weird Creatures of Evil

The latest article on Uncanny UK has a disturbing selection of three apparently true encounters with strange animal-like entities which were not only bizarre to look upon but also generated a distinctly evil atmosphere. You can read these hair-raising stories … Continue reading

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More Phenomenal stuff

The April 2012 issue of Phenomena Magazine is now available and free to download at My ‘Spookology’ article in the current issue is kind of a celebration of the completion of my ‘Top 50 Most Haunted Places in Britain’ chart … Continue reading

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I met a man who wasn’t there – a ghost story from Texas

Uncanny UK reader Beth Warner, an American lady who now lives in Britain, mentioned on Twitter that she had a spooky story to tell. Turns out it took place in Texas, otherwise it would have appeared on the main site. … Continue reading

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Chart of the Top 50 Most Haunted Places in Britain – complete!

On Hallowe’en last year I began a chart of what I considered might fairly be described as the fifty most haunted places in Britain. My original plan was to complete this putative chart by the end of 2011 but all sorts … Continue reading

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