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>Jason Karl on an aspect of domestic magic

>Popular writer and broadcaster Jason Karl has contributed the latest article on Uncanny UK. He discusses the odd, but not uncommon, practice of hiding shoes in walls and attics to help preserve the household from evil influences. You can read … Continue reading

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>On the track in old journals

>Over the years I’ve found a great deal of interesting stuff in the letters pages and historical columns of old newspapers and journals. Jon Downes has unearthed a couple of interesting oddities in a long defunct Stockport newspaper:

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>Modern fairy sightings

>The latest post on is about a chap who suddenly encountered a glowering goblin while out walking his dog back in the 1960s. It’s a yarn I collected myself while giving a talk on Welsh fairylore some years ago. … Continue reading

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>Nick Redfern on Uncanny UK

> Renowned mysteries author Nick Redfern, originally from the West Midlands but now resident in Texas, recalls a couple of ‘time slip’ cases from rural England in the latest ‘More Uncanny’ article. In one of the cases, a motorist … Continue reading

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>Young ghosts

>Fortean Times reader recounts sighting of ghostly Edwardian schoolchildren. Somewhere in Britain but unfortunately doesn’t state where. Read the account at

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>Hair-raising film in salon

>The ThisisDerbyshire website reports that a ghost has been caught on camera in a salon in Derby. Staff viewed CCTV footage after a member’s mobile phone went missing but were startled to see a ladder apparently moving on its own … Continue reading

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>Jailhouse shocks

> A belated congratulations to occultist Duncan Barford for raising more than £1,000 by spending the night alone in the allegedly haunted Old Police Cells Museum in Brighton. Half the money will go towards helping to run the museum, the … Continue reading

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