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The Mechanical Gorilla – a tale inspired by the British Bigfoot

Just a quick mention of a rather spiffing self-published novella which brings together some themes from modern British forteana and gives them a sci-fi twist. ‘The Mechanical Gorilla’ is by Dr Andrew May, whom I met – if not actually … Continue reading

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The Demon Husband – one of the 100 best ghost stories

‘The 100 Best British Ghost Stories’ by Gillian Bennett (Amberley 2012) is one of those books I wish I’d written. It’s a collection of folk tales and historical records of ghostly encounters from across the UK. I’m guessing the ‘100 … Continue reading

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Tracing the history of poltergeists

I’m just taking a moment to mention a book which came out a couple of years ago, Poltergeists: A History of Violent Ghostly Phenomena by P G Maxwell-Davies. The book is an ambitious and highly successful bid to trace the … Continue reading

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