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>Solstice eclipse

>My druidic friend Andi has reminded me of the lunar eclipse tomorrow. He writes: ‘Be sure to check out the total lunar eclipse on 21st Dec. It will be the first total lunar eclipse to occur on the Winter Solstice … Continue reading

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>Miracle workers

>Mark Greener tipped me off about a story in regards to a new online catalogue which details more than 600 miracles that are said to have occurred in the Christian world – what happened, who to, where and when. The catalogue … Continue reading

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>New posts on Uncanny UK

>The two latest stories on include a delightful recollection of fairy belief in the Isle of Skye and a very weird account of a plague of spiders – possibly created through witchcraft – in Suffolk. More to come soon.

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>Naked ghost-hunter arrested

>A psychical investigator who stripped naked in a cemetery because he believed it would improve the ‘energy’ to enoruage Orbs to appear found himself in hot water with the police after his antics were caught on security cameras. Needless to say, … Continue reading

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>’Hurricane’ poltergeist

>Woman claims the ‘presence’ of snooker star Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins haunts her Belfast flat in a rather sad and exploitative story in – what else? – The Sun, especially when you see the photo of the cancer-stricken Higgins shortly before his … Continue reading

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>The ‘Australian wild cat’

> I’m reading a crime adventure novel written in 1895 by the Australian writer Guy Boothby. A Bid For Fortune features an Australian hero and one of the earliest ‘master criminals’ in literature, Dr Nikola. As well as being possessed … Continue reading

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>Ghostly terror out in the dark

>   The latest article to be posted on Uncanny UK ( is by Mark Greener, a science jourmalist who contributed a lot to Paranormal Magazine. Here he points out how easy it is for us to let our imaginations … Continue reading

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>Phantom feline

>Mike Hallowell, Tyneside ghost-hunter extraordinaire has learnt of a new spooky encounter at his favourite haunted pub, the Marsden Grotto. Check out his post at the CFZ website here:

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>Holy Thorn hacked down

> One of the Holy Thorn trees round Glastonbury Tor was cut down by vandals overnight in early December. This is/was the most famous of the Holy Thorns, on Wearyall Hill, the one believed by (fairly modern) folklore to be … Continue reading

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>Lancashire ‘Nessie’

> An angler who has fished this unidentified lake south of Preston, Lancashire, for decades had never seen anything like this before, so videoed it for posterity. He said: “The old jetty behind the unidentified object is about 10 – … Continue reading

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