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Pinpointing haunted places in London and Edinburgh

Just to let you know my Ghost Finder London and Ghost Finder Edinburgh apps are now available for Android phones as well as for iPhones. Just in time for Hallowe’en! Both apps use Google maps to pinpoint the haunted locations … Continue reading

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Jesus is buried in Devon! Or not.

Apparently the Isle of Avalon is in Devon – oh, and Jesus is buried there.  That’s according to a bizarre story in The Sun (yes, sorry about that). ‘Amateur archeaologist’ Michael Goldsworthy has determined that Burgh Island, just off the … Continue reading

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Paranormal County Durham and Haunted Carlisle by Darren W Ritson

It’s good to see not one but two new books by Darren Ritson. Darren’s one of the more careful paranormal investigators in the UK and all his books are enlivened by his own personal ghost-hunting experiences. Darren has researched and … Continue reading

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