Creepy experiences of college care worker

A reader has kindly sent in her own account of spooky activity at her place of work in the Welsh Borders. For reasons that will be easy to understand, she has asked for the identity of the facility and her own name to remain anonymous but I have both on file.

I work at a residential college for people with special needs. It was opened in 1927 and was originally used as training workshops and accommodation for people with physical disabilities, then for soldiers injured during the war: they would learn skills such as upholstering, woodwork etc whilst also being cared for. Not a lot of the original buildings are still standing, with one of the last recently being demolished to make room for some new buildings, but most of the accommodation is at least 30 years old, and stand on the original site of the college.

I am a care worker, and we can only have holidays out of term time, so in the holidays it’s a lot quieter but still has to be staffed. One day (about 5 years ago, when I had not long worked there) I was working in my area on my own. The area I was working in is a bit like a dormitory, with about 15 bedrooms in each wing, with a kitchen and laundry room in between these two wings. I was in the laundry room, which is next to the kitchen, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw somebody enter the kitchen. I didn’t get a good look as it happened so fast, but I thought, that’s funny, why would somebody come down here, all the other team members are away on holiday, and why didn’t whoever it was shout hello (so as to avoid startling me)? So I went into the kitchen but there was nobody there.

This spooked me a bit, and when I mentioned it to my colleagues, three of them said they had seen something similar, either in the corridors and in other areas. Aside from the dormitories, there are also bungalows for the students to live in, about ten bungalows, one of which is staffed 24 hours a day and the staff oversee the others as well. Once, in the holidays again, I was working there on my own, and as soon as I opened up in the morning, I could hear voices coming from somewhere. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but it was definitely inside the bungalow. It seemed to just be in the air if that makes any sense.

Anyway, I didn’t give it too much thought that day, as I had cleaning to do in another bungalow, but later in the week, I was working on the Saturday night on my own, in the front room watching TV, when all of a sudden, I sensed there was something there. I can’t describe it really but it was just an overwhelming feeling that I just had to get out, which I did right away. This feeling really shook me up. I went and sat in another bungalow and was fine, but later when I was waiting for my taxi which picked me up from the front, I felt somebody looking at me out of the window. Next day I went in, no problems.

Another colleague of mine has heard footsteps there in the holidays when she’s been sleeping in on her own, and one day in term time a tap kept on turning itself on in the bathroom. We thought at first it was a student playing tricks on us, but they were all out. Another colleague who works in a different area to me has experienced things, too. She was sleeping in one night and looked up and saw a mist above the wardrobe. She said it looked like a face in profile. Others have refused to sleep in there. One lady said the first night she slept in there she had a nightmare and something pulled at the bed covers.

I suppose when you think of the amount of people who have passed through there over the years, it’s bound to be haunted. I know people have died there in the past, two since I have worked there. Some people say it was just my imagination, but I know what I saw and felt.


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