Faith in scientific explanation for ghosts still unfounded

I’ve just been going back through ‘True Irish Ghost Stories’ by Seymour and Neligan. In it the authors note:

“Some day, no doubt, psychologists and scientists will be able to give us a complete and satisfactory explanation of these abnormal apparitions [ie ghosts].”

Their book was written in 1914. Elsewhere they state:

“The day will come when, before the steady advance of scientific investigation, and the consequent influencing of public opinion, the word ‘ghost’ will be relgated to limbo, and its place taken by a number of expressions corresponding to the results obtained from the analysis of phenomena hitherto grouped under this collective title. That day is approaching.”

Unfortunately, thanks to the continued neglect and indeed hostility towards these frequently reported phenomena by the scientifi establishment that day is no more approaching now than it was in 1914.


About UncannyUK

I am the editor of Uncanny UK (, a website devoted to British ghosts and folklore. I am the former editor of Paranormal Magazine and the author five books on Welsh folklore. Just launched Apparition Developments, first product of which is Ghost Finder London - an app plotting 300 haunted sites in London for iPhone. I'm a highly experienced journalist and corporate copywriter. I'm an enthusiast on the subjects of UK folklore, the supernatural and antiquities and am fond of old horror and sci-fi movies, cult TV such as Dr Who and I collect Victorian/Edwardian magazines. I also enjoy weird art and macabre literature by the likes of M R James, E F Benson, Algernon Blackwood, W Hope-Hodgson, H P Lovecraft etc. I live in North Wales, which is a very spooky place.
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One Response to Faith in scientific explanation for ghosts still unfounded

  1. Ken Robert Coe says:

    That science, in spite of its white-labcoat-robes, would ever be able to “analyze” the world of spirit is utterly oxymoronic. Real science has always been limited to the physical: dissect it, pour it, weigh it precisely, formulate a mathematical definition of it, test it repeatedly with strict reproducibility! When the “soft sciences” began to call themselves “sciences” things got confused, and subjective observations were substituted for objective proofs.
    The trouble with ghosts is, they don’t wanna go be examined, and you can’t force ’em. The trouble with spirits is they can’t be controlled by scientists, and don’t buy into the white robes thingy.

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