Jesus is buried in Devon! Or not.

Apparently the Isle of Avalon is in Devon – oh, and Jesus is buried there.  That’s according to a bizarre story in The Sun (yes, sorry about that). ‘Amateur archeaologist’ Michael Goldsworthy has determined that Burgh Island, just off the coast of Bigbury-on-Sea in Devon, is not only fabled Avalon but also the last resting place of Jesus Christ, who has been laid there alongside Joseph of Arimathea.

You’d think this would be enough to be getting along with, but, says The Scum, ‘barmy’ Mr Goldsworth (their word not mine) also believes the Holy Grail (natch!) and the Ark of the Covenant may be buried there, too.

Previously, Burgh Island found fame – well, infamy nowadays – as being the model for ‘Nigger Island’ in the Agatha Christie classic ‘Ten Little Niggers’, better known today by its original American title ‘And Then There Were None’ (which is not only not offensive but also a far superior title, in my opinion).

According to that great sage Wiki, the island was formerly known as St Michael’s Land and there was a monastery here. Whatever the likelihood of Mr Goldworthy’s claims, I have to say Burgh Island seems to be a place of great interest in its own right.

You can read the entire article, such as it is, here:


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