Riots and the Tomorrow People

Last week in a weak moment I bought the box set of the Tomorrow People off eBay (it was only £14 incl postage). The Tomorrow People was a British sci-fi series made in the 1970s about kids who ‘break out’ into the next stage of human evolution. Called Homo superior (re David Bowie), they are blessed with psychic powers and have a nifty secret lab. Great concept, offering lots of opportunities for adventure and mystery plus the wish-fulfillment fantasy of having secret powers and being more than one-up on your parents – a bit like discovering you’re a boy wizard.

Unfortunately, TP never lived up to its concept. Childish storylines, clunky direction and school-play quality acting too often let it down. Watching the series again, I find the best thing about the series remains its impressive and eerie title sequence (with Dudley Simpson’s memorable score) and the computer TIM, who is clearly the inspiration for Sarah Jane’s ‘Mr Smith’. Still, it’s all about nostalgia with a thing like this and it’s soooooo 70s! Quite enjoying it, to be honest. The one story I remember as being especially good is ‘The Blue and the Green’ (I even remembered its title), in which aliens inspire unreasoning hatred in humans so that they can feed off the negative energy. The wearing of blue or green badges – full of evil alien tech – becomes a craze, with the Blues and Greens constantly at war with each other. The story did indeed prove to be a cut above the others I’ve seen so far, but what was weird was that after I switched off the DVD, the first thing I see on the TV is news footage of the Tottenham riots. Spooky, and vaguely disturbing!

I tweeted about this and Forteana Radio replied to say that after seeing my tweet, s/he was amused to stumble upon YouTube footage of an alleged UFO hovering over the rioting crowds! How bizarre. You can view the video at: The Tomorrow People titles (a bit rough) can be viewed at

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I am the editor of Uncanny UK (, a website devoted to British ghosts and folklore. I am the former editor of Paranormal Magazine and the author five books on Welsh folklore. Just launched Apparition Developments, first product of which is Ghost Finder London - an app plotting 300 haunted sites in London for iPhone. I'm a highly experienced journalist and corporate copywriter. I'm an enthusiast on the subjects of UK folklore, the supernatural and antiquities and am fond of old horror and sci-fi movies, cult TV such as Dr Who and I collect Victorian/Edwardian magazines. I also enjoy weird art and macabre literature by the likes of M R James, E F Benson, Algernon Blackwood, W Hope-Hodgson, H P Lovecraft etc. I live in North Wales, which is a very spooky place.
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One Response to Riots and the Tomorrow People

  1. jonny says:

    just caught this the other day too … same area, thought it might be of interest.

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