Cameras spooked during Tamworth Castle investigation

Apologies to Kevin Hiatt for the delay in uploading here the information he sent me about a ghost hunt he took part in with colleagues from the Imagine Group at Tamworth Castle in Staffordshire. He’s curious as to why four cameras suddenyl refused to work when they entered the supposedly ‘haunted bedroom’. Any ideas, readers? Thanks for getting in touch with your news Kevin!

‘Today Wednesday 27th April 2011, the Imagine Group from Great Barr visited Tamworth Castle and all 4 cameras refused to work in the Haunted Bedroom: 2 Canon digital pocket cameras, 1 Sony digital pocket camera & 1 Sony A390 DSLR. What is the explanation? All were OK before and after. The Sony Handycam had no problem and checked footage.

‘Looking through the pictures I managed eventually to take after the 4 cameras, one picture has an orb, a coloured one with sparkling indistinct edges and a yellow/orange. You can see the bed head board through it. The orb appears to be floating. The Sony Handycam which was working picked up nothing as far as we can see. On the same picture with the large orb I have found a small white semi-opaque one near the top of the bed frame of the 4-poster in the Haunted Bedroom. I don’t know if this is one or the other is a camera problem but it’s weird that all 4 cameras stopped working in the room but worked either side of the room. Told this is not unusual so do we count ourselves lucky?

‘We are a mix of people: some believe, others don’t. With me the jury is out, being a Consultant Engineer I question everything and do come across things that cannot be explained with my job.’


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One Response to Cameras spooked during Tamworth Castle investigation

  1. kevin Hiatt says:

    I have looked through the pictures taken by the digital camcorder on to a hard drive when viewed on the Camcorder screen nothing noted but wait to you see it on a larger screen eek! Shadow moving through plus one of our members had a message given she heard ” I will smite thee” she aked what it meant my only answer it was a warning. The Imagine Group members have asked to return to Tamworth Castle 2013 as they missed the dungeon last time.

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