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Renowned mysteries author Nick Redfern, originally from the West Midlands but now resident in Texas, recalls a couple of ‘time slip’ cases from rural England in the latest www.uncannyuk.com ‘More Uncanny’ article. In one of the cases, a motorist in Shropshire suddenly finds his car surrounded by Civil War soldiers! Nick is best known for his UFO and cryptozoology research but says he has a particular interest in time slip incidents. You’ll need to register on the Uncanny UK website if you haven’t done so already to access the More Uncanny section.


About UncannyUK

I am the editor of Uncanny UK (www.uncannyuk.com), a website devoted to British ghosts and folklore. I am the former editor of Paranormal Magazine and the author five books on Welsh folklore. Just launched Apparition Developments, first product of which is Ghost Finder London - an app plotting 300 haunted sites in London for iPhone. I'm a highly experienced journalist and corporate copywriter. I'm an enthusiast on the subjects of UK folklore, the supernatural and antiquities and am fond of old horror and sci-fi movies, cult TV such as Dr Who and I collect Victorian/Edwardian magazines. I also enjoy weird art and macabre literature by the likes of M R James, E F Benson, Algernon Blackwood, W Hope-Hodgson, H P Lovecraft etc. I live in North Wales, which is a very spooky place.
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